College Humor QSU Quendelton State University T Shirt

by on March 8, 2011

College Humor put together a chillingly accurate portrayal of what college is really like in the form of a University advertisement. It’s pretty bitchin’ and humorous, and cuts right to the chase. It’s the honest college ad that says “Why not consider the school U.S. News and World Report once called ‘adequate’.”

“They just started a $20 million renovation on a state-of-the-art gymnasium, but we won’t be here to see it…neither will you.”

Good stuff. There’s also talk of being a commuter college, so the weekends are a fuckin’ ghost town. And racial diversity with people of different ethnicity collaborating in the library is cooked up with actors.

Absolutely nails the BS in every college promotional piece.

And, now you can have the QSU Quendelton State University T Shirt to celebrate this moment in fine humor by Busted Tees sister company or is it brother or parent, College Humor. Go forth and get it.

Watch the video, get the shirt, and, boom, you have a masters degree in humor.

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