Charlie Sheen Thumbs Up Winning T Shirt

by on March 5, 2011

Charlie Sheen has been spectacular and you gotta give him his props. He gets up early and gets the workout done. He spends time with the kids. He brings home the bacon. Highest paid TV show actor per episode ever and now he gets paid for sponsored Twitter tweets. And, of course, he parties hard with the drugs. Finally, he copulates with two young hotties nightly. Actually, I’m not sure I’m calling them hotties. I’ll ask you my fine readership. Are Sheen’s live in girlfriends hotties?

Whatever your thoughts on that, we can all agree that it is necessary to own the Charlie Sheen Thumbs Up Winning T Shirt.

Whatever the case, Charlie knows how to generate a buzz. I mean look at how many good Charlie Sheen T Shirts are out there.

Donkey Tees has done yeoman’s work keeping up with this pop culture spectacle.

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