Charlie Sheen My Boyfriend Has Adonis DNA T Shirt

by on March 5, 2011

I didn’t catch this quote from the Charlie Sheen saga, so maybe I need to do a little YouTube research to see where this particular My Boyfriend has Adonis DNA T shirt is coming from.

Okay well I found the video below that should clear some things up. It’s a very scientific look at this phenomenon.

Bonus points if you’re a dude and wear this shirt: gay or straight that’s funny. Am I right?

I have sweated tiger blood and cried gazelle tears looking for the best Charlie Sheen T Shirts on the Internet. And, I found all of them, so check that shit out.

Donkey Tees has done their part in creating beauty in this world, including a meaty handful of Sheen shirts.

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Mark March 18, 2011 at 9:41 am

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