Dr. The Who T Shirt

by on March 29, 2011

Let me explain this. You have a mashup right here. Dr. Who is an old television program that was part metaphysical sci-fi, part dorky. It seems that maybe there’s a remake out there now, so that’s not very interesting. And, The Who, of course, was a really overrated band from the UK that pumped out about three good songs and 97 terrible ones. Plus, their guitarist, Peter Townsend, got caught looking at young things he shouldn’t have been looking at. He did give the world the windmill guitar strum and the smashing guitar schtick so that’s pretty cool but that Internet disgression is hard to forgive. So, you have The Who logo with the words Dr. Who on this finely crafted Dr. The Who T Shirt.

I’m pretty sure I just sold the shit out of this shirt from Busted Tees, so I’m pretty sure they just need to sit back and collect the cash.

This is actually a pretty spectacular performance by The Who:

Here’s a sweet intro for an episode of Dr. Who:

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