Justin Beiber X-Files Alien I Wanna Belieb T Shirt

by on March 8, 2011

Is this like a reversal on the whole Fox Mulder wants to believe in all this paranormal, alien and ghost shit, but despite all of this compelling evidence his rational mind still thinks there are plausible explanations that don’t involve anything beyond what he can see and touch on a normal sunny day? This is an alien boy on this I Wanna Belieb T Shirt, who, perhaps, doesn’t believe in Fox Mulder or David Duchovny or Dana Scully or Gillian Anderson, but he wants to because he hears The X-Files is a great show, and that The X-Files I Want to Believe movie was loved by all the fans of the show.

But, he just can never find the time to consume the media so that he can make up his own mind, so he winds up wide-eyed on a t shirt saying I Wanna Belieb in some crazy martian/East Indian accent.

Busted Tees done got weird with this one, and I might be on board. Oh wait, that’s Justin Beiber and we all can’t figure out why he’s so damn popular, but you want to believe in his powers to entertain, but if you’re not a 9-16 year old girl, you have no clue what the draw is. Basically, this is a good old fashioned mashup.

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