Tshirt Hell

Tshirt Hell is probably the most blatantly offensive tee site on the Net, but you can tell there’s a brain behind all the bustle. Sometimes the designs miss the mark and are just in poor taste, but sometimes they push it just enough to be dangerously hilarious.

Tuba Hero T Shirt

by on April 29, 2009

tuba-hero-tshirtYou know the tuba is the instrument of highest comedic genius. You can talk French Horn, banjo or piccolo, but deep down we all know the tuba is where it’s at when you want to get your laugh on. Say out loud, “Tuba Solo” and try…try not to laugh. Couldn’t do it could you. And, then there’s the whole 8-year-old just “picking” up the instrument and being absolutely consumed by the brass. Like you can’t see the poor punter.

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Pezbians T Shirt

by on April 27, 2009

pezbians-tshirtThere’s really not much more you can say about this shirt. These pez chics are goin’ at it. You got the camera. It’s goin’ on youtube.com, and you’re getting a million hits. End of story. God bless the Internet, God bless the bi-curious. God bless the candy industry.

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Bailout Tshirt

by on January 4, 2009

bailout-tshirtAnother option for the government is to keep the purse strings tied and let these greedy execs figure out a plan B. Extra cost would be more frequent sidewalk cleaning services and maybe a 24/7 watch for jumpers (to warn passers by). Still, look at the ledger and $45,000 looks a lot more palatable than Eleventy-billion for a bailout of complete dumb asses, working out-dated business models (can you say car industry) and taking full body dips (as opposed to skimming from the top) into the dividends.

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Bling Bling Seagull tshirt

by on December 14, 2008

bling-bling-seagull-tshirtReally, this shouldn’t be a source of constant hilarity to me. Really, if I was decent, this would be a sad commentary on the environmental crisis we’re up against. It may be convenient, it may have been the next big thing in The Graduate, but plastics are really nasty.

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That’s one upset sheep. Who cares what she’s wearing, the sheep did not have it coming. She was very clear how far this thing could go. Yeah, there was some binging on tequila shots, but still… Now, you have the translation, so you’ll know exactly what’s what when it comes to being with your favorite sheep.

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OK. You’ll need to be careful where you wear this one. Mixed company is probably a bad idea. If you’re in a room with the ancestors of Egyptian slaves, you’re probably going to be in for a long night of berating, brow beating and sensitivity lessons.

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Along with the fact that you’re publicly expressing that you think you’re pretty hot shit, you’re also referencing an old TV show that employed questionable characters. I mean actors of questionable character pulling the wool over the American public’s eye with their “wholesome” TV show image. Doing the heavy research that each every post on Tshirt Groove requires, I discovered a few interesting things:

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Whoever wears this tshirt is a stand up guy. No leading on. No superficial flirtation. No misunderstandings. There will be no funny business on the evening this shirt is donned. This man has a one-track mind and that is Mojitos and nachos.

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This one really digs deep into the prevailing ethos of the United States. It seems for those us with social security numbers, our natural birth right is to be entertained. Sports, cinema, television, music, YouTube and any silly thing that comes out of Palin’s mouth. We want to consume it. Modern Romans. Christians vs. the Lions cage matches and modern sewage systems. Any historian worth her salt is going to tell you that those we’re the downfall of the great Roman State.

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If you can’t love the one your with, then you probably need to day dream about fighting the man. If you can’t possible live in your current moment, then raise your first in the air and let people know where your heart is: REVOLUTION.

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Pimp T shirt

by on October 20, 2008

Math is funny. Pimps are funny. Put ’em together and you have laughs to the hundreth power. There are two types of people worthy of wearing this perfectly awesome tshirt: real pimps and math wizzes. Then, I think you start a club and have a convention in a hotel ballroom in Schenectady, NY in September, where all the Pi mps gather, mingle, network and share war stories.

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I have to admit, I’m totally into these Band Hero tshirts from Torso Pants. And this flaming hot, French Horn really gets me. When you want to be the sophisticate in the band, go for the French Horn, because it’s way more classy than the tuba and not as suggestive as the trombone.

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