Diff’Rent Strokes I’m What Willis was Talkin’ ‘Bout T Shirt

by on October 24, 2008

Along with the fact that you’re publicly expressing that you think you’re pretty hot shit, you’re also referencing an old TV show that employed questionable characters. I mean actors of questionable character pulling the wool over the American public’s eye with their “wholesome” TV show image. Doing the heavy research that each every post on Tshirt Groove requires, I discovered a few interesting things:

~ Diff’rent Strokes has an apostrophe instead of an “e” in different. That’s weird.

~ Gary Coleman married a girl 17 years his younger and divorced after less than a year.

~ Coleman looks exactly the same at 40 as he did between the ages of 10-18, when he had his glorious TV run.

~ Gary has a kidney disease that stunted his growth and has him on daily dialysis.

~ Todd Bridges is actually Jeff Bridges fraternal twin brother and he was the Willis that was questioned by Coleman’s character Arnold: “Wha’choo talkin’ ’bout Willis?” And that is the very reason that the featured tshirt in this post is hilarious.

~ Dana Plato got kind of messed up and died of an overdose, so I’ll refrain from any jokes about her at this time. I’ll re-open this for consideration when the 10-year anniversary of her death rolls around next year.

This is a powerful combination of self-advertisement and cultural zeitgeist, so if you think you can live up to that by all means get yourself the I’m what Willis was talkin’ ’bout tshirt.

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