Bailout Tshirt

by on January 4, 2009

bailout-tshirtAnother option for the government is to keep the purse strings tied and let these greedy execs figure out a plan B. Extra cost would be more frequent sidewalk cleaning services and maybe a 24/7 watch for jumpers (to warn passers by). Still, look at the ledger and $45,000 looks a lot more palatable than Eleventy-billion for a bailout of complete dumb asses, working out-dated business models (can you say car industry) and taking full body dips (as opposed to skimming from the top) into the dividends.

Maybe a few window busting bailouts is just what we really need.

Get the Bailout Tshirt and let the government know what you think about corporate greed, twisted banking instruments, your 27 mpg vehicle (that should be 150 with zero emissions by now) and any bailout that doesn’t stand a good chance of being a killer investment with taxpayers money.

Oh, and while you’re at it, demand complete bailout transparency.

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