Pimp T shirt

by on October 20, 2008

pimp tshirt Pimp T shirtbuy tshirt button2 Pimp T shirtMath is funny. Pimps are funny. Put ’em together and you have laughs to the hundreth power. There are two types of people worthy of wearing this perfectly awesome tshirt: real pimps and math wizzes. Then, I think you start a club and have a convention in a hotel ballroom in Schenectady, NY in September, where all the Pi mps gather, mingle, network and share war stories.

I’m a big believer in cross pollination of art, disciplines of study and service jobs. Makes for a much richer understanding of the human condition, better research and higher quality products.

If you’re a card carrying arithmetic geek or a part of the pimp union or have great aspiration to belong in this heady company get the Pi Pimp tshirt.

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