Tuba Hero T Shirt

by on April 29, 2009

tuba-hero-tshirtYou know the tuba is the instrument of highest comedic genius. You can talk French Horn, banjo or piccolo, but deep down we all know the tuba is where it’s at when you want to get your laugh on. Say out loud, “Tuba Solo” and try…try not to laugh. Couldn’t do it could you. And, then there’s the whole 8-year-old just “picking” up the instrument and being absolutely consumed by the brass. Like you can’t see the poor punter.

Don’t forget the animals hiding in the cavernous bell…that’s always knee slapper deluxe.

Nonetheless, celebrate the latest video game craze with Tuba Hero Tshirt.

Also, knowledge is power, so get yourself educated on this important shit.

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