Bling Bling Seagull tshirt

by on December 14, 2008

bling-bling-seagull-tshirtReally, this shouldn’t be a source of constant hilarity to me. Really, if I was decent, this would be a sad commentary on the environmental crisis we’re up against. It may be convenient, it may have been the next big thing in The Graduate, but plastics are really nasty.

And, what better way to spread the word than laugh at a seagull with a six pack thingie around its next. Especially, since it’s dealing pretty well with it, turning a potential bummer into a positive. He tells his buddies he meant to put this accessory on his neck and it’s a sign of a high roller. Good for the seagull making lemonade out of lemons.

Get this Bling Bling Seagull tshirt and always remember to cut those six pack holders (what in the hell are those called) up.

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