Baaaaaa Means Nooooo! T shirt

by on October 26, 2008

That’s one upset sheep. Who cares what she’s wearing, the sheep did not have it coming. She was very clear how far this thing could go. Yeah, there was some binging on tequila shots, but still… Now, you have the translation, so you’ll know exactly what’s what when it comes to being with your favorite sheep.

On a side note: Has anyone ever read “The Last Picture Show” by Larry McMurtry? I ask because there’s a scene in the book where some high school kids do some things with a calf. Anyways…I know it’s fiction, but I’m guessing it was informed by real life backwoods behavior, to which I must say WTF. Sheep is understandable, but a young cow, c’mon…

Spread the weird I mean word. Get the Baaaaaa means noooo! Tshirt.

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