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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

You see these Guitar Hero spoofs around representing every instrument you can think of, but this Sitar Hero T Shirt is a very nice twist on the theme. You have Ganesh giving the rocker (devil) sign, rocking out on a sitar that has similar markings to those fake guitar hero guitars. Very clever, plus I love the look, the baby blue with white lettering and dark blue stroke around the edges. Very fine.

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This song and video has inspired quite a few funny t shirts because it’s so powerful. The burgeoning love story between the letter jacket wearing Jackson and the bobby sox, skirted young thing. He gave her a ring just to be his girl. Then he wants to bring up that he’s a little different than other guys. Be he decides to bring it up on a full moon night and the clouds move away from the moon and whammo. But, actually, they’re just watching a movie, except that it was Michael in the movie, but really he’s just watching the movie with his girl. But, it’s too scary for her. So, she leaves, he follows then proceeds to try to scare her with a scary song as they walk home.

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This shirt is hilarious. I love it. All I can think of is Kenny G. I think I might have a thing for him, seductively holding that soprano sax just so. Yum. And, you know the man did hard core drugs, and was sexed out of his mind. Every milf in the country loved those silky shitty tunes he coaxed out of that God-forsaken instrument. Plus, he probably went both ways, so his pleasure was doubled. That’s how the math works out. Right?

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This shirt brings up a really good point. Where are all the women we need to emulate. You have your WWJD…that stands for Jesus. And you have WWNPHD and that stands for Neil Patrick Harris. You have WWTWD…that stands for Tom Waits. So finally you have this What Would Sue Do T Shirt, which helps you remember before all of your actions throughout the day to remember that there’s a higher standard in human evolution…and that is Sue.

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What does it say about me that I love this I’d Rather Be Sashaying T Shirt unconditionally? There’s a girl with massive hair and a bonnet, cranking on the fiddle and doing the sashay thing in her heavy petticoats. Quite amazing. And, of all the “I’d Rather”, messages you see in a day (some experts estimate an average of 23 per day for each and every city dweller) this is probably my favorite, and in all actuality, I’ve never sashayed. But, just thinking that I might be capable of sashaying makes my heart skip a beat.

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Dr. The Who T Shirt

by on March 29, 2011

Let me explain this. You have a mashup right here. Dr. Who is an old television program that was part metaphysical sci-fi, part dorky. It seems that maybe there’s a remake out there now, so that’s not very interesting. And, The Who, of course, was a really overrated band from the UK that pumped out about three good songs and 97 terrible ones. Plus, their guitarist, Peter Townsend, got caught looking at young things he shouldn’t have been looking at. He did give the world the windmill guitar strum and the smashing guitar schtick so that’s pretty cool but that Internet disgression is hard to forgive. So, you have The Who logo with the words Dr. Who on this finely crafted Dr. The Who T Shirt.

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Come over here kids and let me tell you a story about a band from the 80s that was the toast of the town for a relatively short time. Flash in the pan. One hit wonder. Lightning in a bottle. They were called A Flock of Seagulls and they epitomized the synthesizer-heavy music of the decade.

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It’s a dick joke. Yay. Everybody loves dick jokes. This Ask Me About My 12 Inch T Shirt would be especially funny on me, since I actually rock about 1.5 inches flaccid, and 4.25″ rock hard. I’m not lying I totally measured it in my mom’s basement. Yeah, that’s right ladies, I’m 40 and I still get rock hard.

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Available in Men’s and Women’s Sizes.

This has to be a top candidate for one of the weirdest, creepiest, and awesomist shirts around. It basically took the ironic wolf shirt to the next level. Scratch that…I think it took that concept to its ultimate conclusion and it is awesome like the ocean is awesome or God is awesome. Scary and amazing and you want to jump in, but it totally takes you breath away to even think about letting go and entering the unknown waters.

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Wow. This one really hits close to home and by home I mean to say my mom’s basement. I really have been doing  some soul searching and have decided I have to make some changes. I need to get out of this basement a little bit, and I think the greatest excuse in the world to do it would be to hit various karaoke nights in night time establishments throughout the city and practice my karaoke.

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Steve Buscemi plays this dude Nucky Thompson in the HBO show Boardwalk Empire, who is based on a real life dude named Nucky Johnson. Seems like a pretty interesting cat. Kind of ran the rum running racket and the gambling racket on the Atlantic City Boardwalk during prohibition. Any money for protection to continue running illegal operations also went through Nucky, so he certainly was the de facto treasurer.

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The only problem I have with this shirt is that I’d like to see the artwork lower…like over the belly rather than the chest. That would be perfect. I think this is a really nice sentiment and makes obesity funny and light-hearted instead of all the heavy news stories about fatness causing cancer, and heart problems and all that other bullshit. Forget that. Embrace the gut with the This Ain’t a Beer Belly It’s a Fuel Tank for a Sex Machine T Shirt. Fat dudes need some action too.

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