Michael Jackson Zombie Thriller T Shirt

by on April 22, 2011

This song and video has inspired quite a few funny t shirts because it’s so powerful. The burgeoning love story between the letter jacket wearing Jackson and the bobby sox, skirted young thing. He gave her a ring just to be his girl. Then he wants to bring up that he’s a little different than other guys. Be he decides to bring it up on a full moon night and the clouds move away from the moon and whammo. But, actually, they’re just watching a movie, except that it was Michael in the movie, but really he’s just watching the movie with his girl. But, it’s too scary for her. So, she leaves, he follows then proceeds to try to scare her with a scary song as they walk home.

Then, there’s a graveyard, and shit really starts to go down.

Are you happy I summarized the Thriller video by Michael Jackson. Well, I had to do it, because this Zombie Thriller T Shirt references it and I want to make sure all my readers are well informed and know what’s going on.

Tshirt Bordello made a great decision to make Michael look like a zombie. And have the word Terror…and the lyric…”grizzly ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom.” Nice shirt if you into the King of Pop and zombies, which is about 95% of the population.

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