Fuck T Shirts Reviewed

Fuck T Shirts: Yes, I’m as debased as the rest of you crazy freaks. And, yes, fuck is my favorite word as well. So versatile and so full of juice.

Tshirt Hell continues to impress with its absolute disregard for taste. Amazing that they sell the hell out of these tshirts they produce. Who buys this shirt? Where do they wear it. To your Christian Auntie’s house for tea and cookies? To the Wednesday night potluck at the neighborhood Baptist church? To the elementary school play?

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I guess this sort of puts the people voting for English only propositions across the fine United States in their place. Wanna talk about the original language of the land? It certainly wasn’t English. Native American tongues and Spanish I imagine were the words being spoken before Manifest Destiny steam rolled right across the map to the Pacific Ocean.

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Joe Biden is part live wire and part douche nozzle. Most politicians are the latter but the former…it depends. If you call bowing to the whims of Big Pharma and, generally, making it worse for most American’s because health care will be mandatory, then yes Joe, “this is a big fucking deal.”

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Yes…change is evolution. It is the only constant. So, you must embrace it. Take the lessons from yesterday, live in the moment and welcome tomorrow. In other words, Fuck Your Good Ol’ Days old man. Tired of your shitty stories ’bout how it used to be. And, that the kids these days, don’t know what’s going on.

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i-didnt-buy-this-shirt-because-it-says-fuck-on-it-i-bought-it-because-it-says-fuck-on-it-twice-tshirtSometimes the best things in life come in twos. A life changing bowel movement (#2), Havaianas flip flops. Conjoined twins. Wings. Boobs. And last but not least…The word “fuck” on a shirt twice. Bonus points for having two sentences on one shirt.

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lets-get-fucked-up-like-the-economy-tshirtYou wear this little gem out drinkin’ and you’re going to have a commiseration party six deep. People just moanin’ into there cheap as shit cans of bear, talkin’ about lost jobs, more expensive health benefits, plummeting 401Ks, and a world-wide epidemic of less soft Pima cotton.

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im-all-for-being-social-but-this-is-fucking-bullshit-teeYou thought you were going to be having a bang up time. Booze, women, and hearty laughs, but all of a sudden your in a room full of bankers and Wall Street assholes and you’re so mad ‘cuz they’re just laughing at all the shit they’re getting away with and all you want to do is yell.

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Fuck Tetris Tshirt

by on September 28, 2009

fuck-tetris-tshirtThese are my sentiments exactly. The game blows. Crappy graphics. And, of course, I really suck at it, but that’s not the main point. The main point is when it comes time to waste time, I have about 47 other things that are way better than Tetris.

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SILF tshirt

by on December 3, 2008

What more can you say? That’s a good lookin’ sandwich. I’m a good lookin’ guy. Let’s get it on. Sandwich I’d Like to Fuck, just like they say in that funny teen romp flick, American Sandwich.

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Gilf T Shirt

by on October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Let the record show I’m a man and I’m going as a Gilf for Halloween. I can’t think of a better idea than that. I’m going to use the image on this tee as my guide. Blue hair. A neck scarf and a frilly blouse. Probably need some polyester pants and sensible orthopedic shoes as well.

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I’d Fuck Me T Shirt

by on September 30, 2008

The Butler is going through some self-affirmation techniques in front of the mirror right here. And you know what? That shit works. He’s going to get himself a piece this very night.

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Dude WTF T Shirt

by on May 3, 2008

Dude, WTF tshirt50s dad, straight-laced and 4-square with the gospel, ’til he gets with the boys at the bar on a Friday night. You can’t see it, but he’s about ready to loosen that tie, order up some cutty and move that frizz-haired gorilla away from the jukebox. Mr. Jones tying one on. Dude, WTF? Don’t worry about it. He’ll still get the kids to water polo practice in the morning.

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