Dear God, Fuck You T-Shirt

by on August 15, 2010

Tshirt Hell continues to impress with its absolute disregard for taste. Amazing that they sell the hell out of these tshirts they produce. Who buys this shirt? Where do they wear it. To your Christian Auntie’s house for tea and cookies? To the Wednesday night potluck at the neighborhood Baptist church? To the elementary school play?

Okay, I know. All of these shirts were meant to be worn to bars or house parties and make people of like mind crack up, and impress those that you want to get next to. Does the Dear God, Fuck You Tshirt accomplish these goals. If so, feel free and purchase. Just don’t complain to me if it back fires on you. I let it be known up front that it’s in poor taste.

I guess if you are having a crisis of faith or trouble with the concept of god or the church or any other religious conundrum, it’s good to be honest and let it out.

Tshirt Hell is notorious for being honest and letting it all out, no filters. Yikes.

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