I’d Fuck Me T Shirt

by on September 30, 2008

The Butler is going through some self-affirmation techniques in front of the mirror right here. And you know what? That shit works. He’s going to get himself a piece this very night.

This t-shirt brings up another issue of interest that I’ve been meaning to write about. Male pattern baldness. What’s with all these Rogains, hair plugs and the like. If you keep it trim, this is a very appealing look. It says “I’ve been around the block. I’ve got hair in some spots and I’m bald as a faced lie in others. I’m ready to give you the business and you’ll let me because you are mesmerized by my partial baldness.”

Think about that for a minute and get the I’d Fuck Me tshirt when you’re ready to stir shit up.

Everything you wanted to know about Busted Tees but were afraid to ask.

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