Fuck Tetris Tshirt

by on September 28, 2009

fuck-tetris-tshirtThese are my sentiments exactly. The game blows. Crappy graphics. And, of course, I really suck at it, but that’s not the main point. The main point is when it comes time to waste time, I have about 47 other things that are way better than Tetris.

Take for instance the times when my fingernails are unsightly long. Well I cut them instead of playing Tetris.

Or when the hamster cage next to my bed starts to fog up in a green haze, and my little furry buddy Xerxes has ooze in the corner of his eyes and is hyperventilating. Well I clean out that thing right then and there, all the while NOT PLAYING TETRIS.

I could go on and on, but ultimately what I’m trying to say is Fuck Tetris just like the tshirt.

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