SILF tshirt

by on December 3, 2008

What more can you say? That’s a good lookin’ sandwich. I’m a good lookin’ guy. Let’s get it on. Sandwich I’d Like to Fuck, just like they say in that funny teen romp flick, American Sandwich.

And, the key to the whole shirt. What really makes it tick…is how it’s built. Tomato separated from the lettuce is a good move. Roast beef and swiss. Nice. Fresh slices of bread. And, the green olive with pimento and a toothpick as that extra little touch that pushes you over the edge. Without that you might be a little extra critical and decide it’s not a SILF. Maybe you don’t like your tomato touching the mustard. Maybe you prefer a roll or baguette to sliced bread. It doesn’t really matter because there’s an olive and a toothpick, which basically makes up your mind for you.

Celebrate sandwich love. Pick up the SILF tshirt today.

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