Learn to Speak Native American or Get the Fuck Out T-shirt

by on August 3, 2010

I guess this sort of puts the people voting for English only propositions across the fine United States in their place. Wanna talk about the original language of the land? It certainly wasn’t English. Native American tongues and Spanish I imagine were the words being spoken before Manifest Destiny steam rolled right across the map to the Pacific Ocean.

Of course, full disclosure, I can’t stand waiting for the voice mail tree as they wait for you marque numero uno for espanol. Or getting lost in the assembly instructions of that shitty office furniture because there’s 23 languages represented.

And, it is the dominant language of the land. It is the language you must learn in order to get ahead, so it wouldn’t hurt to throw non-native speakers into the fire in terms of learning it. Bilingual skills are highly sought in the workplace. Of course, this is easy for me to say, as I’m a native English speaker and can’t speak any other language at all. Un pequito espanol. Wi Wi. Nine.

Buy the shirt ‘cuz it’s poignantly funny: Learn to Speak Native American or Get the Fuck Out T-shirt.

Indians don’t dress like that any more.

T-shirt Hell proceeded Lewis & Clark trailblazing out West, and actually overpaid for a nice piece of land looking out across the water. Good people.

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