Deez Teez: No matter how you spell it with two z’s, Deez Tees, or even Dees Teez

Deez Teez: Recently upped their game with a slick website and a ton of officially licensed shirts from all your favorite pop culture.

Unfortunately, this little play on Obama’s Hope lies and deceipt campaign is full of sad truth. Obama hasn’t come through on one promise. He’s just as bought and paid for as any of his predecessors. The wars continue. The lawlessness in the financial sector thrives. And, the slick deceiver is probably going to get a second term because the Republicans are offering up a band of idiots as his competition. Well, except for Ron Paul.

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Seahorse, Octopus, stingray, and big old fish. These are very nice submarine shapes. Basically, allows you to go into enemy waters without anybody suspecting anything, although maybe seeing a 30-foot tall seahorse may cause some naval alerts in the more skittish countries, I think you’re still pretty much incognito in these fine vessels.

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Everything I Enjoy is Either Immoral, Fattening, Expensive, or Impossible T Shirt. That’s a pretty good line, and a tough realization. Of course, it’s the first step to recovery if you can admit that all the stuff you enjoy is either unattainable or bad for you, then you can move on and resolve yourself to be bored stuff for the next 65 years.

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Jeremy Lin has caused a sensation in the biggest NBA market in the country. The Knicks are on a roll, and he’s a big part of the resurgence. Teammates have found new vigor with him on the court, and with the dueling superstars, Melo and Amare, on the bench.

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Deez Teez 2 for 1 Sale

by on February 12, 2012

I’m not sure how long this sale will be available but any time you can get two high quality funny t shirts for the price of one you have to do it. Or you have to at least give it serious consideration. Go take advantage of this sale at Deez Teez right now.

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Somebody brought a girlfriend in. And was showing her the pole. Of course, she’s all over the pole dancing exercise craze. It’s a great core and arm workout. So, she decided to show him a few moves, thinking that all the other dudes were preoccupied lighting their farts in the “lounge”, so that they would have some alone time.

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This is a very nice little design. If you can’t see it on the image, let me describe it in such great detail that you will begin to quiver with anticipation reaching for your wallet light headed.

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This kid is looking pretty smug, ‘cuz he thinks Edward is only capable of throwing scissors in the game of Rochambo. It will probably come down to technicalities. Don’t you think? I mean Edward puts out a flat hand. Is that paper? Hard to say, because the hand is scissors. Probably have to bring in a top official from the Rock, Paper, Scissors Association to make a ruling.

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This is a good one. Kool-Aid Man is always breaking through walls just to give kids beverages. That doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to cause so much damage, and apparently the judge agreed, sentencing Kool-Aid Man to very appropriate community service. Start mending some of the walls you have destroyed Mr. Kool-Aid.

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I’m alright with this t shirt and not because I’m some tea party asshole. No, it’s worse than that. I got sucked in by the most masterful marketing campaign of my lifetime, the Barack Obama Presidential campaign, and thought this dude gets it. No more corporate bullshit. No more wars. Hell, I didn’t even understand the scope of the Wall St. malfeasance, but he would have rooted that cancer as well.

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This Please Don’t Hug Me I Might Have to Poop T Shirt would be kind of cute except that the lettering looks like greasy schmears of poop, which pushes it out of the cute category, into a more gross type situation. And, then I have to question, does it hold up once you move up in weight class so to speak.

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The eyeglasses with tape on the nose image doesn’t quite conjer a hipster for me. I’m thinking more skinny jeans and fedora, but that’s just me. If you like to be confrontational and start a conversation, and probably separate those that don’t like the aggressive message from those that do, then the I Hated Hipsters Before It Was Cool To Hate Hipsters T Shirt is probably just your style.

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