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by on February 12, 2012

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Jeremy Lin has caused a sensation in the biggest NBA market in the country. The Knicks are on a roll, and he’s a big part of the resurgence. Teammates have found new vigor with him on the court, and with the dueling superstars, Melo and Amare, on the bench.

Is it lightning in a bottle or will Lin be able to sustain this? Who knows? But, it’s been a fun ride and a really great story — something you want to remember. And what better way to remember his explosion onto the Knickerbocker scene than a Jeremy Lin T Shirt or Jeremy Lin jersey.

Below is a list of the best that have currently cropped up.

Linsanity T Shirt

Love the stacked letters and the coloring on this one. My fave Linsanity.

Linsanity 17 White Home Jersey T Shirt

This one has more of a collegiate sports feel, which is cool if you’re into that. Designed by DTM Universal.

Linsanity 17 Blue Road Jersey T Shirt

Same as above buy in blue. I’ve always been a big fan of blue and orange. Designed by DTM Universal.

Linsanity Blue Tongue T Shirt

As Jeremy was lighting it up against the Jazz he celebrated a nice bucket by sticking out his tongue, which was completely blue. Maybe he was eating an Otter Pop in the previous time out. Designed by Maersk Doydora.

Jeremy Lin Portrait

Not sure what I think of this one. Kind of looks like a mix between Lin and teammate Landry Fields. Plus, I know it’s the way the artist stylized it, but the lips are a little creepy. But, I’m sort of a cretin when it comes to art, so you probably shouldn’t listen to me when it comes to this design by cudicush.

Linning T Shirt

When two pop explosions collide. When you mix Charlie Sheen with Jeremy Lin you get “Linning.” At least in the eyes of designer Illestraider.

Ultimate Linsanity T Shirt

This one has some nice additions like the dragon (for year of the dragon, which is 2012 and Jeremy’s birth year of 1988). And the little seal is pretty cool too. And, of course, the blue tongue. Design by Maersk Doydora.

Linsanity 17 T Shirt

This one has a little different color scheme and I like the “17” in the ball. Cool design by cudicush.

Jeremy Lin Silhouette T Shirt

You knew there had to be something like this getting cooked up. The Air Jordan logo from years ago still pervades the basketball scene to this day. And rightly so. It was awesome and instantly recognizable as Jordan’s signature dunk move. This design by cudicush captures the cool odd angle layup stuff Lin does.

The Way of the Lin T Shirt

This one calls out to Lin’s Taiwanese heritage in the language of the Asian warriors and/or the Zen Buddhist monks. Nice script on a ball. Well done by AS Williams.

Linsanity: Jeremy Lin Image T Shirt

When you can’t get enough of Jeremy Lin, the best thing you can do is get the shirt with his image on it. Designer NathanAaronSon figured this out.

New York Linsanity T Shirt

Nice one with the Knicks logo ball and the words New York, because only in NY could this blow up so crazy.

Linsanity T Shirt

A different look at the Linsanity with the scripty font and whoosh underneath. Understated but still getting the point across.

Linsanity 17 T Shirt

This is a loud Linsanity design. A blast of orange, which may represent the actual insanity that has exploded around the young guy.

Linsanity 17 Jersey T Shirt

What’s cool about this one is that it’s designed like the back of a jersey. Nice and clean and gets to the point.

Official Adidas NBA Jeremy Lin 17 T Shirt

Nice looking Lin shirt with the NBA and adidas logo, along with the Knicks logo in the back.

Adidas Jeremy Lin Linsanity New York Knicks T Shirt

If you want the super official looking Linsanity shirt with the Adidas logo then this is your shirt.

Adidas Replica Road Jeremy Lin Jersey

If you want to wear the jersey, and I know you do, then this replica is the one.

Adidas Replica Home Jeremy Lin Jersey

If you prefer the replica jersey in home white, look no further. You are celebrating the Lin legend with this one.

Live From New York It’s the Jeremy Lin Show T Shirt

An old, unofficial assistant coach, Andrew Slayton, on Jeremy’s high school team grabbed this domain and a while ago, because he thought the player was going to be special. Now, he’s cashing in. Kind of funny. Here’s the story in the NY Post.

LINsanity T Shirt

I like the all-caps LIN, which makes the first name stand out.

LIN.Y.C T Shirt

Pretty clever way to combine Lin and NYC. Good stuff.

Jeremy 3:16 T Shirt

Nothing like a sacrilegious Jeremy Lin tee to spice things up.

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