Everything I Enjoy T Shirt from Deez Teez

by on February 12, 2012

Everything I Enjoy is Either Immoral, Fattening, Expensive, or Impossible T Shirt. That’s a pretty good line, and a tough realization. Of course, it’s the first step to recovery if you can admit that all the stuff you enjoy is either unattainable or bad for you, then you can move on and resolve yourself to be bored stuff for the next 65 years.

That’s the way you deal with it. Maybe smoke weed or drink in moderation to get by. Watch a lot of TV. Numb yourself and you can make it through the night.

Just kidding get this Everything I Enjoy T Shirt because it lets everybody know you’re down for a real good time no matter what the consequences.

Deez Teez has pumped out some pretty great stuff while I was sleepin’ on them.

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