Submarine Menagerie T Shirt from Deez Teez

by on February 12, 2012

Seahorse, Octopus, stingray, and big old fish. These are very nice submarine shapes. Basically, allows you to go into enemy waters without anybody suspecting anything, although maybe seeing a 30-foot tall seahorse may cause some naval alerts in the more skittish countries, I think you’re still pretty much incognito in these fine vessels.

As you can see the schools of fish are following them around like they’re fellow sea creatures and that’s the first sign of a great sea creature design. Actually, these submarine’s look like they’ve embarked on civilian journeys. Those dudes in the windows look like rich adventure seekers, rather than military men. Still, they could be in uncharted or dangerous waters just to ramp up the excitement of the trip. This is for the monied traveler that would be bored stiff on a 10-day cruise.

Now, if you don’t have the budget for any kind of ocean travel, then the next best thing is to get this Submarine Menagerie T Shirt.

Deez Teez has this other thing rolling called Anticlothes, and it’s spectacular. You need to give the whole catalog a look-see.

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