Barack Obama Nope T Shirt

by on August 18, 2011

I’m alright with this t shirt and not because I’m some tea party asshole. No, it’s worse than that. I got sucked in by the most masterful marketing campaign of my lifetime, the Barack Obama Presidential campaign, and thought this dude gets it. No more corporate bullshit. No more wars. Hell, I didn’t even understand the scope of the Wall St. malfeasance, but he would have rooted that cancer as well.

Nope! Same ol’ shit. It’s all about corporate interest. The dude placed a Monsanto dude in the cabinet. You still don’t believe me. Then, watch what presidential candidate gets the most campaign contributions in 2012. That’s the guy that the corrupt system likes the most. Guess who that’s going to be? The guy that was a perfect corporate shill for his first 4-year term in the Oval Office. Follow the money.

Get the Nope T Shirt, though people may misunderstand. You’ll have to explain that you’re tired of 100% political corruption.

Deez Teez does poop and political in the same week. That’s range.

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