Pole Dancer Firefighter’s Pole Wrong Pole T Shirt from Deez Teez

by on February 11, 2012

Somebody brought a girlfriend in. And was showing her the pole. Of course, she’s all over the pole dancing exercise craze. It’s a great core and arm workout. So, she decided to show him a few moves, thinking that all the other dudes were preoccupied lighting their farts in the “lounge”, so that they would have some alone time.

Lo and behold, the one alarm every 76 hours happened by be right as she had stripped to her skivvies and was starting to show off her new found pole dance moves. Of course, all the firefighters were up and at ’em, and quite confused running into the girl. She was also frozen in such an odd position, to the point where she was obstructing their important response.

Crazy situation. Almost too crazy to be true, except that you see it with your own eyes on this Wrong Pole T Shirt.

Deez Teez loves dalmatians and finally came up with the perfect excuse to get one into their designs.

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