Edward Scissorhands Rock Paper Scissors T Shirt from Deez Teez

by on February 10, 2012

This kid is looking pretty smug, ‘cuz he thinks Edward is only capable of throwing scissors in the game of Rochambo. It will probably come down to technicalities. Don’t you think? I mean Edward puts out a flat hand. Is that paper? Hard to say, because the hand is scissors. Probably have to bring in a top official from the Rock, Paper, Scissors Association to make a ruling.

I don’t remember in the movie…did those blades have knuckles. It would be real hard to throw rock without knuckles. This kid is used to getting beat by his older brother all the time, so he’s salivating at the chance to destroy this odd stranger.

Get the Rock Paper Edward Scissorhands T Shirt because it’s funny and you like funny. And you like Deez Teez.

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