Snorg Tees

Snorg Tees is one of the top dogs in the funny t shirt business. They consistently pump out a terrific selection of pop culture gems.

I want to know what type of person is so fixated on elephants that they would agree with this fine little wordplay. Then, I want to know how they got so interested in elephants in the first place. What is it that makes you go over the edge and love a particular species.

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When I think of hedgehogs I think of two things: the instant business literature classic Good to Great by Jim Collins where the hedgehog is a metaphor for something important for all you corporate powerbrokers , and Sonic the Hedgehog of course.

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Apparently when you really think something is delicious you say Nom Nom Nom. From the image on the tshirt, the dinosaurs in the Jurassic period really went to town eating cotton candy trees. Awesome.

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Horses need love from their masters. You know this. I know this. We all know this. It’s not an option. Luckily, for the horse on this picture, who had thought all love was lost, the girl came to his aid and gave him some nice nuzzle love. Simply beautiful story and one that I would proudly where on my chest. Would you?

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Hey, when it comes to reducing your ecological footprint on the planet you have to start somewhere. Why not by re-wearing your clothes. Even if it is just two wears rather than one, you’re effectively cutting your laundry in half. Saving you time and money and saving water as well. I know this is a facetious look at recycling, but it really does preserve precious resources.

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Let’s examine this a little wordplayage. Ottoman is a fine, fine piece of furniture, ‘cuz when you done got home after a fuckin’ hard day at the J O B, nothin’ you want more than a little sweet tea, shoes off, and feet propped on the Ottoman foot rest thingy. I think nobody had done this feet propping shit before that crazy Turkish Ottoman Empire back then in the 1200s.

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Hello wordplay and cultural clash. When you think bots you think Hong Kong and when you think of “I like big butts” of course you have to think of Charles Barkley and his famous quote about why he was such a good rebounder even though he was shorter than most of the guys he was going up against. He said something like I’ll take my big butt over there skinny thighs any day.”

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Kaka belongs to Jesus, but he’s not going to be able to testify in front of the millions paying attention to this year’s World

Cup in South Africa. Brazil futbol has put its foot down.

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Apparently, there was this show called Seinfeld where some neighbors sat around and talked a lot. It was a massive success. This shirt is in reference to a beloved episode where the Jerry Seinfeld (like the name of the show), which is his real name, except he’s a fictional character in the show, which is totally confusing…anyway, he doesn’t want to wear the puffy shirt.

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When it comes to atomic nuclei, nuclear physicists really know what time it is. Now, I’m not sure this science has really done the world a lick of good. I guess if a dodgy country like the USSR was fast and furiously trying to produce one, it was reasonable at that point to keep up with the arms race in order to have the Mexican Standoff, called the Cold War, that lasted my entire childhood.

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Hey, Summer in Sacramento worked a deal with Snorg Tees, so that she can run a drawing for a free tshirt. You know Snorg Tees is one of my favorite funny tshirt retailers, so get over to virtual Sacramento and sign up for the drawing.

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Snug Life Tshirt

by on May 20, 2010

Another absolutely beautiful shirt. Snuggies, cornrows, sunglasses, flashing westside. This is a classic shirt. This gangsta is a bad ass but is also a conneisuer of comfort and convenience, which is why he’s wearing the velour bathrobe backwards. You know that gangster ain’t strugglin’ while in his chilly crib reading that Jane Austen book recommended by Oprah. He’s toasty despite keepin’ it real with the thermostat of 61 de-grees. Wait, is that Michael Beasley? I thought he lived in Miami. Must be that cool evening ocean air.

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