Hedgehogs…Why don’t they just share the hedge Tshirt

by on July 13, 2010

When I think of hedgehogs I think of two things: the instant business literature classic Good to Great by Jim Collins where the hedgehog is a metaphor for something important for all you corporate powerbrokers , and Sonic the Hedgehog of course.

I guess they’re a wee bit selfish, which is unfortunate because they look so cute. At least baby pygmy ones do.

This Hedgehogs…Why Don’t they Just Share the Hedge Tshirt is nice not only because of the wordplay, but because little hedgie doesn’t agree that he needs to share. I like the bold stand, and that’s why you should get this shirt pronto. The bold stand.

The Snorg Tees staff  is well known for its zoological prowess.

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