I Support Recycling: I Wore This Yesterday T-shirt

by on July 10, 2010

Hey, when it comes to reducing your ecological footprint on the planet you have to start somewhere. Why not by re-wearing your clothes. Even if it is just two wears rather than one, you’re effectively cutting your laundry in half. Saving you time and money and saving water as well. I know this is a facetious look at recycling, but it really does preserve precious resources.

Actually, I’m just kidding that’s disgusting. I don’t wear an outfit for more than 3 hours at a time and all my clothes are dry clean, and I’m not talking chemical-free dry clean, because that just makes me think of mustard stains on my linen suits, which is totally unacceptable.

So, if you totally make fun of eco-tard tree huggers, you should probably get out your hard-earned money from your soulless corporate career, and buy I Support Recycling: I Wore this Yesterday tshirt.

No really, I’m totally kidding. I’m totally into sustainability and all that. And, not just the greenwash marketing bullshit that corporations are pulling trying to capitalize on the movement without really contributing. And, all that really means is that you need to buy this shirt.

To prove my dedication to the cause, here’s a free link to treehugger and, of course, my local Urban Ecology Center. And, then, there’s the cool folks at the Rocky Mountain Institute, who are doing the high level thinking on this stuff.

Snorg Tees prints on American Apparel, which is tshirt stock manufactured in the U.S. with sweatshop free labor, which is a sustainable business practice. I approve.

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