Snug Life Tshirt

by on May 20, 2010

Another absolutely beautiful shirt. Snuggies, cornrows, sunglasses, flashing westside. This is a classic shirt. This gangsta is a bad ass but is also a conneisuer of comfort and convenience, which is why he’s wearing the velour bathrobe backwards. You know that gangster ain’t strugglin’ while in his chilly crib reading that Jane Austen book recommended by Oprah. He’s toasty despite keepin’ it real with the thermostat of 61 de-grees. Wait, is that Michael Beasley? I thought he lived in Miami. Must be that cool evening ocean air.

You know this shirt starts a trend, so you better pick up Snug Life the Tshirt, so you can say you were right there when this shit blew up. And that my friend is street cred. And street plus $5 will get you a cup of coffee and some knowing nods from homeless people downtown. And, that, of course, is what you REALLY want in life. Go for it.

Sippin’ Forties…wearin’ Snorg Tees.

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