I Like Big Bots and I Can Not Lie T-shirt

by on July 2, 2010

Hello wordplay and cultural clash. When you think bots you think Hong Kong and when you think of “I like big butts” of course you have to think of Charles Barkley and his famous quote about why he was such a good rebounder even though he was shorter than most of the guys he was going up against. He said something like I’ll take my big butt over there skinny thighs any day.”

Oh, I guess you have to give a shout out to Sir Mix A Lot as well, seein’ as he sang the song.

So, if you like butts and bots and basketball and rap, then I highly recommend that you take out a small second mortgage on your house and pick up a couple of these I Like Big Bots and I can Not Lie Tshirts.

Ya Hear! Baby Bot Got Butt Back.

Here’s the song that spawned I million crazy tshirts and a lot of carb consumption (I’m guessing)…

Snorg Tees models are well known for their big bots. Yeah, they keep ’em in the closet or is it the trunk. Junk?

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