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Snorg Tees is one of the top dogs in the funny t shirt business. They consistently pump out a terrific selection of pop culture gems.

Gaming is considered an immature pastime, but so is rock ‘n roll, sports cars and horny ape sex, but I’ll tell you what…the entire male population of the United States has given the big stamp of approval on not growing up…what with Viagra, giving you boners ’til your 6-feet under and probably beyond, reunion tours by old, old, old dudes recapturing the magic (well at least getting back together) by selling out arenas at $75 a ticket (madness), and all those midlifers ridin’ the little red sporty number with the top down, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of playing video games, including Super Mario Bros. well into your 80s. That’s right 80s is the cut off. Video games in your 90s is inappropriate…I just looked it up.

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MIMS sings This is Why I’m Hot. Some sample of the lyrical genius.

“This is why I’m hot (repeat 46 times), I’m hot ‘cuz I’m fly…you ain’t ‘cuz you not. This is why I’m Hot (another 86 times). Can you say Masterpiece. So that solves the words on the shirt and you can see the MIMS video below. I advise multiple views so that you can been enriched exponentially. Then, we have a 8-bit pixel flower and a wall with a door or something. I’m certain it is some kind of game, but do I really have to figure it out. Can’t it just pop up within 2 seconds of me googling it.

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This, of course, is a shout out to Back to the Future. The clock was struck by lightening at 10:04 PM and people want to preserve the heritage, which is why the shirt says Hill Valley Preservation Society. If this Save the Clock Tower T Shirt has really captured your fancy, but you’re just not sure if you should buy it, perhaps a little more information about the clock tower will be just what you need to convince yourself.

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Lacey Buchanan Dossier

Lacey Buchanan! Update: I found her last name (Thanks to reader Tom Massey). She’s Lacey Buchanan, and you can see some of her model page over at Model Mayhem. And, you can go like her Facebook page. And, if you want to see her in more of a sexy type of shoot, check out this gallery.

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Wordplay with math. It’s a super double bonus just for you, because you know that if you’re a math nerd, specializing in the geometry that this Without Geometry Life is Pointless T Shirt makes you swoon.

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Not sure if this shirt is related to any sort of pop culture phenomenon or if it came straight out of the beautiful minds working at Snorg Tees. Do you know? Yeah, you, the person reading this. You are reading this aren’t you?

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Nice little twist on the an apple a day will keep the doctor away. It’s going to go in the wordplay category, though really it’s more twisting a trite old saying around. I don’t have a category for that, so we’ll stick with the wordplay category.

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Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz put it all together when they decided to record this tune.You know what I’m talking about. It’s fantastic. Skeet = jism and that’s the basic stuff of life. And, of course, the white funny t shirt response is to take the made up rap words and apply them to the closest English meaning and put the rap in an everyday normal world situation, I.e. Shooting clay pigeons, which is totally normal and done by 94% of the population.

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I think my sophomore in high school English teacher just had an aneurysm when I decided to post about this shirt. That’s some bad English that has been printed for all to see forever. What’s funny is that funner is not an easy word to avoid. I legitimately say that sometimes. Do you? I’m pretty sure I haven’t let gooder slip out of my mouth, but that one is a little over the top, which is what makes this Funner is Gooder Than Just Fun T Shirt a lovely addition to any FINE tee collection.

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Man, MacGyver gets a ton of love from the funny t shirt community. He’s always being mentioned in tshirts. Somehow his larger than life ability to get out a sticky situations with elbow grease and a supernatural ability to take common, everyday materials and make weapons and escape implements from them. Masterful. Endearing, and, obviously, enduring since that show stopped airing in 1992.

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Ouch! Isn’t that the truth.We have all been there. I think that I have more trouble with toes, but who hasn’t banged into the glass top coffee table, while trying to wake up your uncle, who is in a black out drunk. He was under the table to go upskirt on the tipsy girls dancing on the said coffee table. I think he got a nice eye full, but he may not remember. You go out there to check and make sure he’s not being asphyxiated by his old vomit and as you get close you slow down because you know it’s there, but the light from the street is playing tricks on your blurry just got up vision and whammo shinbone to the corner.

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Will Ferrell needs big balls to make The Fucking Catalina Winer Mixer go off. And, you know what he does it so he’s got ’em but we knew that already. You can’t wear a permanent (Perm) hair style for most of your adult life without the big brass cajones.

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