An Apple a Day Will Keep Anyone Away If Thrown Hard Enough Tshirt

by on November 2, 2010

Nice little twist on the an apple a day will keep the doctor away. It’s going to go in the wordplay category, though really it’s more twisting a trite old saying around. I don’t have a category for that, so we’ll stick with the wordplay category.

Anyway, I like this. Apples are hard fruits, especially the more crisp varieties, like the heirloom varietals and, say, Fuji, HoneyCrisp, Granny Smith. I’m thinking Golden Decious and Red Delicious would probably not keep anyone away because they wouldn’t hurt because generally they are a little mealy and, thus, softer. Most apples get a little softer in cold storage which is where they have to sit if coming from an orchard with a huge crop that’s supplying a large grocery chain, because they have to ship them over time so that the store has them available for a longer period of time. If you are buying apples outside of the Fall season, either you are buying storage apples or apples from a different part of the world.

Not sure if Snorg Tees should get into the minutiae when printing this shirt. The limited space requires that they abbreviate some of the content even if it leaves some things open for debate. Want to start a terrific conversation about apples, doctors, and acts of violence performed with fruit, then you probably want to get the An Apple a Day Will Keep Anyone Away If Thrown Hard Enough T Shirt.

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