Back to the Future: Save the Clock Tower T shirt

by on November 7, 2010

This, of course, is a shout out to Back to the Future. The clock was struck by lightening at 10:04 PM and people want to preserve the heritage, which is why the shirt says Hill Valley Preservation Society. If this Save the Clock Tower T Shirt has really captured your fancy, but you’re just not sure if you should buy it, perhaps a little more information about the clock tower will be just what you need to convince yourself.

Back to the Future has certainly inspired quite a few t shirts on the Web, and this has to be one of the favorites, because the clock tower is such an iconic landmark. Do you agree? Do you love Back to the Future? How about De Loreans? Michael J. Fox? This shirt…what about the shirt?

Tell me these things? I want to know if Snorg Tees has its finger on the pulse of today’s graphic t shirt buyers.

P.S. I really don’t care about Back to the Future t shirts myself, but that image of the t shirt being modeled sure is speaking to me.

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