Step Brothers The Catalina Wine Mixer T Shirt

by on October 27, 2010

Will Ferrell needs big balls to make The Fucking Catalina Winer Mixer go off. And, you know what he does it so he’s got ’em but we knew that already. You can’t wear a permanent (Perm) hair style for most of your adult life without the big brass cajones.

Get the Catalina Wine Mixer T Shirt right now, because it’s an inside Step Brothers joke and it is funny. Don’t remember, then you better watch the clip.

This clip is absurd and awesome. I didn’t make the final cut of the movie, but it’s terrific:

“It’s a Catalina wine mixer. You nail it or your gone. He’s having a heart attack. You’re having a heart. What are you a doctor? Do we need to call someone. Call your mother maybe. I’m fine. I’m top of my game.

Your heart stopped. You were dead for a second. Your heart…you don’t have a heart. Did you see her (nana) in your head because you were probably having an out of body experience ‘cuz you died.”

Snorg Tees serving it up hot and nasty.

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