Super Mario Brothers This is Why I’m Hot T Shirt

by on November 7, 2010

MIMS sings This is Why I’m Hot. Some sample of the lyrical genius.

“This is why I’m hot (repeat 46 times), I’m hot ‘cuz I’m fly…you ain’t ‘cuz you not. This is why I’m Hot (another 86 times). Can you say Masterpiece. So that solves the words on the shirt and you can see the MIMS video below. I advise multiple views so that you can been enriched exponentially. Then, we have a 8-bit pixel flower and a wall with a door or something. I’m certain it is some kind of game, but do I really have to figure it out. Can’t it just pop up within 2 seconds of me googling it.

Just kidding. I totally knew it was Super Mario Brothers Fire Flower Power. Man those Asian game makers sure do a lot of acid. Am I right?

Whatever get the This is Why I’m Hot T Shirt.

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