Without Geometry Life Is Pointless T Shirt

by on November 2, 2010

Wordplay with math. It’s a super double bonus just for you, because you know that if you’re a math nerd, specializing in the geometry that this Without Geometry Life is Pointless T Shirt makes you swoon.

You have some graph paper, a round dotted line, and a straight line with arrows on both ends. That recounting of the graphical elements on this shirt probably just made you jizz in your pants a little if you are of the mathematical persuasion. Dream about wearing this shirt. No, make it happen. Buy it! Get it from UPS or FedEx or the Postal Service or whatever carrier Snorg Tees uses. Open the box with much anticipation. Push your glasses up your nose to get a better look, and whammo, you’re in fashion heaven. Put it on. Put it on now. Look in the mirror and now start dreaming about how much attention from your peers you are going to get. You’re going to rule them.

Then, visualize the women that will begin to flock to you because of this tshirt. That’s right. Women are going to see you for what you really are…a genius with the potential to make a ton of money and with a sense of humor which is totally the cherry on top. You saw Revenge of the Nerds. You know what I’m talking about.

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