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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

Here you have a beautiful blue devil from MSP Adventures. Very simple design. Very simple concept of a devil beast. If you’re a fan of MSP Adventures you pretty much have to purchase the Devil Beast T Shirt from Topatoco. Not sure what else to say here. Imagine yourself wearing this shirt. It’s very mysterious. It gives you an air of deviousness. But, it gives you a little nerdy culture cache. I think if you wear this shirt, you really will get some questions from the people around you, cause a little stir. And, if they’re MSP Adventures fans, then you now have a best friend for life.

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What you have here is the Mistress star of Olgaf’s on-going pornographic comic. Hey, trivia question. After looking at that site do you think the author is a man or woman? Ah, hell, what am I going to do, answer in a subsequent post. I’m going to tell you now. It’s a woman from Australia, Trudy Cooper. I was under the assumption it was a dude, but I was wrong. Interesting. Anyway, back to the Falcon Mistress T Shirt. It is certainly an interesting looking shirt with a beautiful woman in a skimpy outfit, and a falcon and skulls, but it’s probably more for all of the Oglaf fans out there.

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Tip of the hat Oglaf for designing this hilarious shirt. Such an in-your-face name for an establishment is funny in and of itself. Add the fact that the chick is stunning in her sexy cowgirl outfit, and she’s riding a t bone steak. Then you  have the combination of eatery, bordello and registered charity, which is also a totally spectacular combination, and feels like it could really happen if you had the right lawyer or connections on the Hill.

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I guess fighting the dragon is better than riding the dragon. No? I really like this primative design offering from Topatoco created by Exploding Dog. It’s a perfect fit to the archetypal war that humans have been fighting everyday since forever. The struggle to survive, to live, to love in a little burst of time that is so short and guaranteed to end. Mortality is the dragon. And you know it. And that’s why you need to buy the Fight the Dragon T Shirt right now. Before you die in a horrible frying pan accident.

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I’m going to have to call this a misdirection shirt designed by Exploding Dog. You have missiles or bombs coming falling in the blue sky. Yes, the cute little squiggle contrails are kind of cute, and the bombs are tidy packages of red adorableness, and we have the blue sky and fluffy clouds, so there’s a whole lot of wonderful in the scene. But, let’s think ahead 60 seconds. This scene is straight out of Saving Private Ryan or some other horrible war film that I can’t think of right now.

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That robot sort of looks like the dude from Iron Giant, so I’m not sure if that girl is 90 feet tall or this is a miniature version of the Iron Giant. Rather the Iron Average Size. Anyways, I’m not sure what I think about robots getting the girl. Maybe they’re just friends or whatever, but if starts happening that robots keep taking our jobs and then start taking our women, what the hell are we going to do. How are we going to compete. It’s well known that girls prefer “massagers” to most sexual activity with men anyway. Now, you have a skilled robot applying the “massage” and that’s the ballgame. It’s over. Not sure I can agree with this scary Embrace the Future T Shirt, because it looks nice on the surface but has a darkness looming.

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Okay these are not t-shirts but they are incredibly ingenious. The Facebook like thing has infiltrated approximately 76% of every human being’s brain space. As much time as the average person spends on Facebook, their cerebral cortexes are trained to think in this particular binary manner, thus it is very appropriate to offer stamps that simply state what you think. I love this. At work we have accept and decline stamps for print jobs and I like to hold the appropriate one up as I am talking to people and have an opinion on what they’re saying. These are even better. Plus, if I own them, I start stamping all kinds of shit. Asshole manager gets a dislike right on his forehead. Hot ladies like right on the ass. Puppies like. Snakes dislike. Alarm clock dislike. Sleeping in late like – I guess I just stamp the pillow. Any music player playing a song with autotune – dislike. Anything playing a song that is on one of my 92 playlists on Rhapsody. Like. Windows 7. Like. Itunes. Dislike.

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This shirt is a masterpiece. If you’re into The Simpsons I can’t imagine how you could dissuade yourself from purchasing it from Busted Tees right now. The Springfield 5K T Shirt is a magnificent way of calling out all of the great establishments featured on the iconic animated show. Look at that list of sponsors on the back, and relive all the great entertainment memories:

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Jordan, Jesse Go! T shirt

by on February 22, 2011

Another podcast shout out for Jordan, Jesse Go! from Maximum Fun and sold by Topatoco in the form of a t shirt. These dudes Jordan and Jesse talk about life in your twenties. Boy that will get me all nostalgic for back in the day. Well, I was still living in my mom’s basement back then, but at least I had most of my hair, instead of this male pattern baldness nightmare I have right now. I mean this ‘do sticks out so shiny and unattractive to all the hot chicks I chat with on web cam. How am I supposed to hook up.

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Having been in the t shirt for most of my adult life, which has all been spent in my mother’s basement, I have struggled with what to call shirts that combine a little wordplay with graphic shenanigans. If it’s straight up wordplay that’s what I call it. And, if there’s little misdirection like the picture of a cotton square, but the text says cotton round or even cotton ball (ha ha ha ha), then I go ahead and call that misdirection. But, when you have one like this Food For Thought T Shirt where it’s absolutely crucial you read the words and see the image, and it’s not a misdirection, but more of a word image play.

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Wow! This is hardcore wordplay right here. Can you even stand up and read this at the same time or did you have to sit down. Maybe I should have warned you. Something like “hey, this is a powerful bit of wordplay coming here and it includes mention of a mustache, and even shows one.” Then, you could have taken in the rush of adrenaline, composed yourself, then went ahead and opened it up and looked at this I Really Mustache You a Question But I’ll Shave It For Later T Shirt.

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I suppose I should have gone with Pt-shirt just to keep the theme going but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. Perhaps it’s my strict upbringing. The Catholic schooling. The numerous ruler beatings. The dusting of fondling. Whatever. I just couldn’t get myself to put a misspelling of the word t shirt in the title of the post, and now it’s really bugging me. As I work through this issues, I will let you know that this Pterodactyls Are Pterrific T shirt truly is a lovely little bit of word play. I love saying the word Pterodactyl and the thought of them swooping through the air eyeing their next pray is truly wondrous. I totally approve of this shirt from Snorg Tees.

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