Facebook Like Dislike Stamps

by on February 23, 2011

Okay these are not t-shirts but they are incredibly ingenious. The Facebook like thing has infiltrated approximately 76% of every human being’s brain space. As much time as the average person spends on Facebook, their cerebral cortexes are trained to think in this particular binary manner, thus it is very appropriate to offer stamps that simply state what you think. I love this. At work we have accept and decline stamps for print jobs and I like to hold the appropriate one up as I am talking to people and have an opinion on what they’re saying. These are even better. Plus, if I own them, I start stamping all kinds of shit. Asshole manager gets a dislike right on his forehead. Hot ladies like right on the ass. Puppies like. Snakes dislike. Alarm clock dislike. Sleeping in late like – I guess I just stamp the pillow. Any music player playing a song with autotune – dislike. Anything playing a song that is on one of my 92 playlists on Rhapsody. Like. Windows 7. Like. Itunes. Dislike.

Busted Tees going outside of the wheelhouse, yet still hitting what I think is an extra base hit. Bunt you wallet out of your catchers mitt. Wait this baseball has gone too far. It’s absurd. Just get the Like and Dislike Stamps. Bud Selig will love you for it.

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