Jordan, Jesse Go! T shirt

by on February 22, 2011

Another podcast shout out for Jordan, Jesse Go! from Maximum Fun and sold by Topatoco in the form of a t shirt. These dudes Jordan and Jesse talk about life in your twenties. Boy that will get me all nostalgic for back in the day. Well, I was still living in my mom’s basement back then, but at least I had most of my hair, instead of this male pattern baldness nightmare I have right now. I mean this ‘do sticks out so shiny and unattractive to all the hot chicks I chat with on web cam. How am I supposed to hook up.

Well, if you’re in a similar situation, step one is to wear an incredibly awesome shirt like this Jordan, Jesse Go! T Shirt with the cool race car or go cart dealio. It’s a great design. And seems like something totally random that always is cool to wear. Plus, if someone listens to that podcast then it’s like an instant bond. At least until you tell them that you don’t and you just liked the baby blue on the shirt.

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