Exploding Dog Fight the Dragon T Shirt

by on February 24, 2011

I guess fighting the dragon is better than riding the dragon. No? I really like this primative design offering from Topatoco created by Exploding Dog. It’s a perfect fit to the archetypal war that humans have been fighting everyday since forever. The struggle to survive, to live, to love in a little burst of time that is so short and guaranteed to end. Mortality is the dragon. And you know it. And that’s why you need to buy the Fight the Dragon T Shirt right now. Before you die in a horrible frying pan accident.

This is a very inspiring shirt to keep on fighting. Keep on pushing. In the big scheme of things it’s all meaningless, and my choice to become morbidly obese and sit in my mother’s basement surfing the Internet 21 hours a day is probably just as valid and ultimately useful as your high and mighty notions of rallying people to march on Washington and demand justice in terms of jailing every single one of the assholes on Wall St. and probably 9 out of every 10 Congressmen. Yet, we still dream, and strive and struggle, and try to be honorable. You going door to door trying to spread the message of malefaescence in every level of U.S. government, me trying to stuff another ho ho down my thoat.


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