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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

That Shit Cray T Shirt

by on April 22, 2012

Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

I have always enjoyed the feeling of snapping Crayons in half. It’s almost as good as tossing vinyl LP records at the wall. So what if I have a few violent tendencies. I take care of them in a harmless way. No one is hurt and I get my anger out on crayons and records (and maybe the wall). You may say that’s a waste and unsustainable. What if everyone started snapping crayons and smashing albums? We’d have a big time mess on our hands. Perhaps so much so that the environment couldn’t fully recover and it would be the end of clean drinking water and forests as we know it.

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Erica Sullivan Dossier

Erica Sullivan is one of the all-time favorite Busted Tees models. Let me rephrase that. She’s one of the most beloved T-shirt models ever. Red hair really does it for a lot a guys (and gals). Pretty white skin. Great smile. Not sure she’s doing the modeling work for them any more, so I wanted to make sure her legacy lived on long after the shirts she modeled and the ads she graced are discontinued.

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Ah, this is terrible. Dick Clark was such an institution on New Year’s and all that. Makes me feel old that he died at the age of 82, especially since he still looked good. That said, this America’s Deadest Teenager T Shirt is pretty funny. Dick was called America’s Oldest Teenager, so this tee is the natural progression of that once he passed away a week ago, suffering from a heart attack.

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Hey, that slob on the recliner pays his taxes every year, which in turn pays for all of the very important missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the bases in 93% of the countries across the world. I mean how else are we going to continue to afford our luxurious lifestyles when we don’t offer the world anything of value. We need to offer them our protection.

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Hey, marijuana is natural. The Bible talks about wine all the time. What’s the difference? Nothing. Both are mind altering and impairing. Probably better to drive high than to drive drunk. Pot heads are generally mellow, whereas alcoholics are oftentimes belligerent. So, yeah, why shouldn’t Jesus tell the stoner on the couch that his dad made the weed. He should be proud.

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Lionel Ritchie gets an amazing amount of love in the t-shirt world, and it’s because he had flare, an afro mullet, a mustache, and a lot of corny, catchy songs. All things that are revered in today’s world.

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Holy smokes. Check out the deal Busted Tees has going for you right now. 30% off all tees and hoodies. Just click this link and use the code DIRTY30 at checkout. Not sure when this deal expires, but they usually don’t keep awesome discounts like this up that long, so take advantage now. DO NOT DELAY!

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I don’t know what this is. Investigate. I love mass effect. Your shirt makes no sense. Conversation Wheel T Shirt. Ladies and gentlemen. I’m officially an old man. I have no idea what this means. What it is referencing. No clue. Do you know? I’m not sure a Google search is even going to help me, and I’m sort of scared to try, lest I discover I have no other reason to live.

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I love this image. Pretty cool looking. The beautiful multi-color coat. The caring wise eyes. The claws of death delicately holding the cigarette. The fine looking dotted-line smoke. And the fact that this Cigarette Sloth T Shirt comes in green. Just a terrific offering from Busted Tees. Amazing.

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Very a propos after the recent release of Titanic 3D. Oh, and I guess April 15, 2012 is the 100-year anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titantic. You know those images going around the web…the pair of boots that are still together, meaning there was probably a corpse inside them until a hungry grouper decided to bottom feed. Actually, my only question is what kind of boots are those. I’d like to get a pair of those. They seem well put together.

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Nicely done. The goofus word lovers are going to cream themselves when they see this Similes Are Like Metaphors T Shirt because these are like parts of speech or something. There’s a rule about something something like or as. I think these two closely related language tools are similar and people confuse them so this shirt from Busted Tees totally helps to keep them straight.

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Guess I’m going to have to do some internet searching to figure out what this Your Firearms Are Useless Against Them T Shirt is all about. I’m guessing there’s a movie, like Hitchcock’s Birds, except with bees. And, some inbred sherrif’s deputy yells this particular line to some shotgun toting good ol’ boys who are trying to protect their property and their families.

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