Meet Busted Tees Model Erica Sullivan

by on April 22, 2012

Erica Sullivan Dossier

Erica Sullivan is one of the all-time favorite Busted Tees models. Let me rephrase that. She’s one of the most beloved T-shirt models ever. Red hair really does it for a lot a guys (and gals). Pretty white skin. Great smile. Not sure she’s doing the modeling work for them any more, so I wanted to make sure her legacy lived on long after the shirts she modeled and the ads she graced are discontinued.

Anyway, I went to great lengths to pull up any information I could find on Erica Sullivan so that you could get to know the beautiful girl behind the t-shirts.

Here’s her Twitter account. So, go follow her. Just looking at her timeline of tweets, it looks like she lives in New York and that she’s a vegetarian. Also, it looks like she works for Marc Jacobs International in some capacity.

She’s got her own Urban Dictionary entry.

Erica and her man, Jeff Dickhaus were named cutest couple at this Marc Jacobs event.

I have a sneaking suspicion this is her LinkedIn profile. Is she also doing real estate?

Here’s a great interview with Busted Tees parent company College Humor, which includes an amazing answer to the question about which is her least favorite Busted Tees shirt:

“Jesus Hates the Yankees, because if Jesus hates the Yankees, then I hate Jesus.”

Wowza. Sacrilegious and a baseball fan. There’s a large swath of the American male population that just swooned a bit there.

Not to steal the thunder from reading that interview yourself, but she also is very flexible and can touch her foot to her head.

When I see beautiful red heads two songs always come to mind. This fantastic Beat Happening song, Red Head Walking:

And, this sweet little ditty from the White Stripes, 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues. “There are all kinds of red-headed women that I ain’t supposed to kiss.”

Busted Tees Model Erica Sullivan Gallery

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