Jesus Marijuana Bong: Dude My Dad Made This Shit T Shirt From T Shirt Hell

by on April 21, 2012

Hey, marijuana is natural. The Bible talks about wine all the time. What’s the difference? Nothing. Both are mind altering and impairing. Probably better to drive high than to drive drunk. Pot heads are generally mellow, whereas alcoholics are oftentimes belligerent. So, yeah, why shouldn’t Jesus tell the stoner on the couch that his dad made the weed. He should be proud.

Put your religious hangups aside for a moment and enjoy the humor of this Dude My Dad Made This Shit T Shirt. Come on. Yeah, you may think Jesus didn’t curse. Or maybe you don’t think he was really God’s son. Or perhaps you have a problem with him holding a bong. Doesn’t matter. It’s funny.

It wouldn’t be from Tshirt Hell if the design didn’t instantly upset at least 1.3 million people.

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