That Shit Cray T Shirt

by on April 22, 2012

Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

I have always enjoyed the feeling of snapping Crayons in half. It’s almost as good as tossing vinyl LP records at the wall. So what if I have a few violent tendencies. I take care of them in a harmless way. No one is hurt and I get my anger out on crayons and records (and maybe the wall). You may say that’s a waste and unsustainable. What if everyone started snapping crayons and smashing albums? We’d have a big time mess on our hands. Perhaps so much so that the environment couldn’t fully recover and it would be the end of clean drinking water and forests as we know it.

I know. I know. You’re right, but I can’t help myself. Anyways, we’re all here to talk about the That Shit Cray T Shirt, which is a wonderful way to enter the cray world. And you know you want to let everybody know you’re down with the cray. I mean Kanye is down with the cray. Jay-Z is down with the cray. Your mom does the cray. And, you can one up them all with this offering from Headline Shirts.

If you don’t know what cray is then you should probably just leave this site and go back to your AOL inbox, ‘cuz you don’t belong at this party. Cray playas only!

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