Dick Clark America’s Deadest Teenager T Shirt from Tshirt Hell

by on April 21, 2012

Ah, this is terrible. Dick Clark was such an institution on New Year’s and all that. Makes me feel old that he died at the age of 82, especially since he still looked good. That said, this America’s Deadest Teenager T Shirt is pretty funny. Dick was called America’s Oldest Teenager, so this tee is the natural progression of that once he passed away a week ago, suffering from a heart attack.

How can you go to this place when the man helped usher in rock ‘n roll? Probably the same way, Jesus can be mocked sacrilegiously, even though he was sent to save humanity from their sins. Mr. Clark does look a little zombie-like in this design, which leads me to believe that maybe he’ll be back from the dead for the New Year’s count down in late 2012. Either that or this is the ultimate sign of the implosion. That everything is doomed. The Mayans were right, especially about the part they carved in their stone tablets that the world would end the year Dick Clark died.

Tshirt Hell is an awful company with twisted and sick sense of morality, which is why you should probably pay attention when they put out a new design.

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