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Music T Shirts: There are a lot of shirts that reference bands, songs, and other musical wonderment. You have come to the right place to find them.

This is god’s honest truth. The white man with mucho flair did invent the rap. Vanilla Ice was in the studio recording a doo-wop album with his boys, and all of a sudden he silenced the guitar. And VI heard something, like all great innovators due. He heard something, he felt something, he envisioned something.

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Seeing as The Rolling Stones starting putting out records circa 1965, they’ve been pumping records out and touring for almost 50 years. What the hell? How is that even possible? Can you imagine being 18 years old, and seeing these dudes in 1962 playing at the Marquee club. Then picking up the Out of Our Heads EP in some cool as shit record shop, and bringing it home and being blown away with those R&B covers and one of the greatest songs ever: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man.

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I like this shirt. The design is sweat with the cow skull and the awesome font. And, of course, the sentiment is right on the money. For most people reading that shirt as you walk by it will be totally true.  I subscribe to Rhapsody because I’m at my computer all day and it allows me to listen to basically anything I want. When I open up the program there is always bands and artists highlighted.

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Justin Bieber just put Omaha on the map baby, ‘cuz that shitty town wasn’t even on a map before Bieber dropped his masterpiece song, and now Omaha Mall is trending on Twitter. Nebraska is proud. And you can look it up too. Take any atlas printed before Justin put out his song this yesterday or last week or last month or whatever, and there is not any mention of Omaha, NE. Now, look at the continually updated Google maps or that Rand McNally’s that came off the presses this morning and it’s totally there.

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I really like that bomb graphic on the tshirt. Apparently, it’s the icon of the fictional band Sex Bob-omb from a graphic novel series. I never got into the graphic novels, but if you’re into thisstuff, you’ll probably glean some sweet nuggets of info from the Bryan Lee O’Malley, the author of the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim, which is where this Sex Bob-omb T-shirt comes from.

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Henry the 8th was, of couse, a great man, but he had his problems with the ladies as the writing on this fine shirt attests. Now Jay Z on the other hand also had 99 problems, but, amazingly, none of them were women.

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Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Jam Master Jay, and Eazy E. The historic icons of the rap scene, God rest all of their souls and their crazy skillz be praised and remembered with this fine monument lovingly carved in stone in North Dakota.

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Hello wordplay and cultural clash. When you think bots you think Hong Kong and when you think of “I like big butts” of course you have to think of Charles Barkley and his famous quote about why he was such a good rebounder even though he was shorter than most of the guys he was going up against. He said something like I’ll take my big butt over there skinny thighs any day.”

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How can you say that about such a little cutie pie with proceeding hair line. I mean he’s got tons of street cred, he did videos on Funny or Die, and makes all the stupid little junior high girls swoon. What’s not to like? Why would you lump him in with annoying cell phones and pagers. Plus, what the fuck…pagers. Do those things even exist any more? And, beepers are pagers aren’t they. God. Even the wordplay is hacky. How about shut off your VCR?

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Now, I don’t mean to be a ninny or nitpick or get all picayune up in here, but shouldn’t this shirt read Party Like It’s 2011? ‘Cuz 2012 is when the shit goes down according to the Mayans, this movie, and your mama.

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I’ve spent some time in Phoenix, AZ and, honestly, I cannot fathom how anyone would be hooked on the place. It’s like LA only 30 degrees hotter and no ocean. It does have the massive traffic problems, the pollution, the pending lack of clean water, the gangs, the crime, the overpriced housing. Wait, typing this all out, I’m changing my mind. I love the place. Actually, the desert is a special place. Saguaro cacti, sunsets, red hills. That’s all good stuff, but it’s pretty much been destroyed by the Los Angeles second string.

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Einstein Kiss Tshirt

by on June 16, 2010

I have no doubt Einstein would have been a big fan of the theatrical rock and roll of KISS. He may have been jealous of the size of Gene Simmons’ tongue, but, otherwise, certainly, the genius would have recognized the musical genius.

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