Newsflash: Omaha Mall Trending on Twitter

by on July 30, 2010

Justin Bieber just put Omaha on the map baby, ‘cuz that shitty town wasn’t even on a map before Bieber dropped his masterpiece song, and now Omaha Mall is trending on Twitter. Nebraska is proud. And you can look it up too. Take any atlas printed before Justin put out his song this yesterday or last week or last month or whatever, and there is not any mention of Omaha, NE. Now, look at the continually updated Google maps or that Rand McNally’s that came off the presses this morning and it’s totally there.

The power of Bieber is amazing. And to think he’s just 5 feet tall, going to ball and the Omaha Mall. See all the lyrics and penetrating analysis of this music masterpiece.

Hey, Headline Shirts are you paying attention. This is a headline. This is shirt material. Forget frickin’ Ice Cube.

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