Party Like It’s 2012 Tshirt

by on June 18, 2010

Now, I don’t mean to be a ninny or nitpick or get all picayune up in here, but shouldn’t this shirt read Party Like It’s 2011? ‘Cuz 2012 is when the shit goes down according to the Mayans, this movie, and your mama.

I mean Prince didn’t sing Party Like It’s 2000. Am I right?

Nonetheless, the concept is beautiful as end of the world paranoia runs rampant just like it did prior to the turn of the century…Y2K anyone. Go ahead and get Party Like It’s 2012 Tshirts for all your friends and celebrate all out ’til the end of days.

Prince will probably have pulled this vid down by the time you try to watch it, so here’s the link to the track.

You’re gonna want to own Busted Tees when the end of the world kicks off in a few years. They will save you like a life raft on the Titanic. No joke.

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